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We provide customized, eco- friendly Rickshaws and Pedicabs for marketing and advertising to customers who want to take our services for a certain occasion or short/ long term out of home advertising and marketing activities. Promopedicabhire Ltd provides you customized solution for all sorts of different projects. We think that there are no any perfect method to get much more fascinating or impressive than this method.
Our team has much experience in different areas such as advertising, reaching targeted people, public relations, design and style. Promotion and functions management, are well geared up to make your products or services up. We are certainly able to help you to market your brand name in a friendly and fascinating way.

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We have many Classic Rickshaws/ Pedicabs which are perfect promotion, advertising and marketing instrument for raising profile. Our Rickshaws / Pedicabs offer you different type of tours in London city. The extensive activity programs we provide to enable for excellent brand name connection with target people, tailor-made solutions to areas throughout London. When you look for an alternate choice for marketing, search no more than the solutions we offer! It could be challenging to get your brand out there when it comes to promote your brand name or your products. Please have a look on our website and our functions as your mobile marketing firm, to arrange different tours, promoting your product or services to reach your prospective clients.

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Want to go to a tour without the hassle of waiting for a taxicab or Uber? Do you want to be picked up from restaurant after your dinner or lunch? Need a pedicab/Ricksha for religious reasons? Do you need to advertise your company brand? Do you want an eco-friendly tour with rickshaw?-- If yes your choice is perfect ever. We are here providing all the services you are looking for.


Running errands? Going around London Museum? Visiting different spots in the London city? Doing shopping? Carrying equipment for a film shooting? Having a special event? want to have couple tour? Need to reach in shorcut way? Need rickshaw for wedding ceremony? Need for Corporation? please Call us to +44 7522 022000 to know more about our services.


Do you want to rent a pedicab and you do not have a driver? We can deliver the rickshaw/pedicab to you with our special trained driver.Do you need long time advertisement for your company? Do you need rickshaw tour or bicycle tour? Do you need package tour in London city? Yes we are here to rent our vehicle for short or long time with our special trained driver

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Girls’ Or Lads' Night Out Parties

Hourly pedicab London • Covent Garden 24/7!

Wedding Rickshaws

Shuttles between hotel, ceremony, reception • “Just Married” sign on request

London Rickshaw Tour

Discover new things in London, Distictive spaces: 1hr or 2hr tour

Birthday & Events

Fun for all ages • On-site or b/t venues

Branded V.I.P. Shuttles

Hourly pedicab London • Branding options

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