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A classic Rickshaw (Tuk Tuk) journey is an unforgettable experience. Always pushing to make your special occasion beautiful with professional excellence in our customer service.




Sponsor or hire a team of Promopedicabhire pedicabs for big, small, corporate, private or public events through out London.

We can be found anywhere in London where for any event. Take a padicab and hop on one our rickshaws when you go see the London Theature. Take one our Rickshaw and pedicab rides in London Museum or other top attracted places in London. Companies and businesses can create a presence and maximum their exposure for pennies per impression at some of the largest sporting and community events in London when sponsoring a team of our company. Our pedicab rides are also used at private, corporate, and community events. Offer rides at the next parade of home or open house. We are used for events to move a group of people in an area too small to hire a motorized vehicle company and too long to walk. We serve as transport for various events.

For an original option for your outing, we can help. We’re available for birthdays, hen & stag nights, weddings, as well as any corporate needs.

Reserve your team today! Call us to +44 7522 022000 for more information about our pedicabs at your event or to sponsorship a team of pedicabs at a public event

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