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Surprisingly, guerrilla advertising does not refer to the furry creature of the similar name. Instead, when we talk about this particular way of branding, we mean an effective and inspired way of marketing and promoting your products or services. Print and visual advertising has been around since the beginning of time, with the idea of getting people aware of, talking about and interested in your brand. But getting your product outdoors, requires the relevant ambient media. In this advertising-saturated world, many people are now confident about when they’re being urged to buy something, and because of this, advertisers are having to think of better ways of grabbing potential buyers interest. We think the best way of generating a buzz around your commodity is to create something that gets peoples attention. This can be almost anything, but we think the more original the better. The basis of guerrilla marketing is the low-cost ways used to promote a brands message. These might be sticker bombing, flash mobs or graffiti. The history of guerrilla advertising UK has initiated is probably the most famous; always utilizing the various ways of getting the brand message across. Fresh, innovative ideas are what make great campaigns, the more original the better. When you’re after this type of guerrilla advertising London can offer you the greatest results at London Rickshaws.

Innovative Advertising

You don’t have to be a giant business with plenty of cash; in fact the best ideas often come from energy, time and imagination, rather than deep pockets. The innovative advertising that can be produced as a result of these experimental actions can be huge. It is imperative that marketing gets peoples attention and in an age where advertising is everywhere we look, we need to think smart and creative. At London Rickshaws we strive to make your product stand out, fully getting behind the brand. With our portfolio of impressive clients, which include Nokia and London Fashion Week, were confident you wont be disappointed. We think outside the proverbial box, finding ways of getting your product or service to the public. Get in touch on +44 7522 022000 or email us at to discuss your ideas, today.

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