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People Power

We are unlike your traditional advertising team, when they print your graphic and move on. We do things slightly different at Promopedicabhire .Ltd. We don’t just emblazon your campaign on our rickshaws; we have a whole team of people power behind your marketing message. Accompanying the moving fleet of Rickshaws on foot, the members are fully briefed and ready to go, distributing flyers to ensure that everyone can take a piece or your vision home with them. Easily identifiable because of their branded shirts, they reinforce the message in a non-threatening way; overzealous is not our style. All too often we’ve had products thrust in our face that immediately makes us turn on our heels, heading in the opposite direction. This is not how we do it.
It’s important that you have the utmost confidence in our team as they act on your behalf as your brand ambassadors. Whether it be exhibitions, festivals, conferences or events, the aim to increase the impact of your message never falters with our dedicated party by interacting with your target audience on your behalf, promoting your product and brand name. Hiring our Rickshaws and Pedicabs People Power Team brings much joy in the form of:
  • A wise, polite and friendly service throughout the entirety your booking
  • Product and literature distribution directly to your target people
  • Branded t-shirts and caps, or specific event clothing, will be dressed (provided by client)
  • Leaflet and event information distribution

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